Well it sure has been awhile…Sorry about that but between school and work I haven’t had much time to think let alone craft. I’m afraid this is going to continue for a while. Up until I graduate I’ll be taking a ridiculous amount of business classes (probably because I like torturing myself). Summers and breaks may be more free but I am planning on working or having an internship during my time off from school (praying for the internship right now!) But I will try to actually post things! It may be something I made with a tutorial or a link to the pattern. It maybe something that I found cool. It may be an update about life. It may be a random prompt suggested by a random prompt generator simply because I need to write more to develope my skills. But I will try! However the more stressed I am, the less I will likely post (after all coherent thought outside of “GAHH!!! SO MUCH STUFF!!” is hard to form). If you want to see something specific TELL ME! I will try my best! Just give me suggestions 🙂

Thank you my lovely people!

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Plush Octopus Tutorial

Octopus Plush Tutorail

Mr. Octopus finally has a friend (Ms. Octopi, maybe?). This means that you guys get to finally see the long-awaited (and promised) tutorial 🙂

Have you guys seen this photo floating around Pinterest?

octopus plush pinterest pin

The watermark on the image links to here but I can’t read what the page says (I think its in Chinese?Or some other totally different language, obviously this isn’t my area of expertise :P) so I don’t know where this photo came from. That did not make it easier to make this octopus, especially considering that I know very little about sewing…like at all, it is not my favorite thing to do. But the octopus was adorable and the cloth was a remnant that only cost me a few bucks and I can make quite a few octopi with the piece I bought.


Anyway, you need:

  • a sewing needle,
  • furry cloth (or fleece like cloth supposedly, don’t quote me ;)),
  • pins,
  • a pen,
  • templates for the pieces,
  • safety eyes (I got mine at Joann’s),
  • stuffing,
  • and thread similar in color to the cloth.

Step 1: Cut out the pieces for the head. The first image is the shape I used for the second octopus, the second image was the first shape I used. The fatter football shape makes the head more rounder. The skinnier the footballs, the more oval the head will be. Now don’t think that you can make really fat footballs and it will work, believe me it won’t (had to redo those pieces…). I’d try to stick to a similar shape as in the Pinterest photo. If you know more about sewing you may have an easier time coming up with the templates. Once you have the templates, trace them with pen (keeping in mind the direction of the fur) and then cut out the pieces. Tip: I recommend drawing out the line of where you will be sewing, it helps keep your seams consistent (or anyway it helped me :P).

Step 2: Mark were you want your eyes placed. Carefully snip the area. I recommend using small nail scissors or something. The hole can get big fast, so start with small. A cross shape hole helps. Insert your safety eyes.


Plush Octopus Tutorial


Step 3: Pin the first two pieces together, once again keeping in mind the direction of the fur. Start sewing. It is probably smart to do a back-stitch, logically I’d assume it’s stronger, but laziness and hatred of sewing eventually got to me and I gave up. Tip: Remember that you only want to sew around half the football, stop at the points. Do half the football, then attach the next piece, then do half the football again. You are making a sphere! That may sound like stupid advice but if you get in the flow (or watching something interesting on Netflix), there is the risk of forgetting 🙂 Remember to leave a hole for stuffing the head.


Step 4: All right! You got all the pieces sewn together. Now flip it right side out, and stuff the head. Sew the head shut and you’re done. I think the stitch I used to sew the head shut is called the mattress stitch, but once again don’t quote me. If you just do a quick google of sewing shut plush toys, you’ll get plenty of wonderful tutorials.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the many, many legs. The first octopus I made had skinnier legs, more similar to the ones in the Pinterest photo. The second one I tried to make fatter legs using the template shape in the photo below. Anyway, trace out the shape you want (maybe do one mock-up just in case) and cut out the pieces. Once again keep in mind the direction of fur. You will need 16 pieces to make 8 legs (yes, I can do math ;)).

octopus plush


Step 6: Place the right sides of 2 pieces facing each other and sew the leg pieces together. Make sure to leave an area open to stuff the leg. I left it open at the skinny part of the leg, but the side could work too. Just as long as you can flip the leg right sides facing out and stick the stuffing in. Then sew the leg shut the same way you did on the head. (Forgive my nails in the photo, I was painting earlier that day and apparently missed a bunch of the red paint :P)

Step 7: Repeat step 6 seven more times 🙂


Step 8: Form the legs into a ring. I just threaded the needle through the narrow part of the leg all the way  through and did that for all 8 legs. Then I joined the round together in whatever way I could.


Step 9: Pin the leg circle to the bottom of the head where you want it. It’ll be easier to sew the legs on this way. Honestly this was the most difficult part for me. I made sure to sew the legs on in the center of the circle and then I also when on the outside of the circle (like the Pinterest photo shows) and sewed there too. I’m not sure how secure my stitching was so I figured doing it in two different places was smart.


Step 10: You are basically done. You can add a mustache on or any other accessories you want. I made the mustache from felt and just glued it on…I was done with sewing by that point and I (unsurprisingly) have fabric glue. I haven’t decided what I want to do with my second octopus…maybe its a girl…?

Octopus Plush Tutorial

I hope you enjoy my glamor shots of the octopi 😉 Let me know if there is anything I can clear up on this tutorial… even though honestly this is the extent of my sewing knowledge….I think they turned out pretty good despite that fact 😉

Any suggestions on who the new member of the octopus family should be are welcome. Shall it be a girly octopus or can you guys come up with something more creative? 😉 Comment below!

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Sneak Peeks and Updates

Amazing how time flies by, isn’t it? I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on. My emotions have been all over the place (it sucks being a girl that sucks at even talking to guys). But things are looking up (or at least I’m caring less :))I know I promised new stuff weeks ago but I just haven’t felt like doing anything specific 😛 But I’m on summer vacation so I think I’m allowed 😉

Anyway, I finally have stuff to share. I finished the octopus I said i was going to make (and I took photos of the process). I just have to finish writing the post 🙂 So stay tuned since that should be up in the next few days.

As for another project I’ve been working on, you guys get to see a sneak peek as an apology for being such a procrastinator 😛


This is my big summer project and you guys will see the end result eventually 🙂

Well I better get to writing the octopus tutorial. Bye guys 🙂

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Apologies and Birthdays

Boy its been quite a while since the last time I wrote anything…sorry 😛 It’s amazing how so little stuff can take up so much of your time.

Anyway I’m finally on my Summer Vacation. Hopefully this means that I will do some more blogging. I have half of the Octopi tutorial done (I just need to finish the legs!! So MANY LEGS!! D:!!). I have a painting that I’m working on, and maybe I’ll do a post showing how my drawing class went. I have a half-finished lobster (a free link will be provided to the knitting pattern ;)) that I WILL finish this summer 🙂 And I don’t know what else I’ll do 🙂 My summers wide open 🙂 (If anyone has suggestions, just let me know ;))

In other news… My Birthday Is Tomorrow! 🙂 I hit the big 2 0. Isn’t that exciting 🙂 The wonderful ladies I work with got me cupcakes 🙂 I love them 🙂 And I’ll leave you with the deliciousness 😀




(PS Is it just me or do my smiley faces look weird now :O)



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Octopi and Spring Break


Normal people do something like leaving the state (if not the country) or partying during spring break. Not me 🙂 I spend my only full day off making an octopus plush 🙂 Sadly I forgot to take photos of the process, but I do promise to make another one very soon to show you guys just how simple it is (it was my first time sewing something serious!) 🙂

Anyway I have work tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make a few more projects…I should probably go write my English paper though….;)

I Wonder….

I wonder….

                         If I said I dreamt of you….

                                                     A darker, stronger you…..

                                Would you respond?

       If I told you it was a prayer….

                                                                         a wish….

                     For you to say you loved me….

                                                 Would you continue pretending we are friends?

           But in reality….

                        We don’t know who the other is….

I wonder….

               Would the charade continue….

                                                                                  Just a thought I had.

Snow Day Accomplishments

I really need to work on coming up with catchy titles for these posts :/ Anyway I did get some things done during my snow weekend 🙂

I finished the bracelet for a client, made another bracelet, and started a third (but it needs some work to get to a point that I like). I also got a few bracelets listed (including a few more colors of the fishtail rubber-band bracelets).

I think I’ll leave you with my new bracelets (click on the photo to go to the listing). All the viking knit bracelets have a light airy feel (it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;)) and there’s free shipping countrywide so I suggest taking advantage of it 🙂

FREE Shipping White and Black Fishtail Bracelet with Pink and Black Heart Charms

Now this last one is the custom listing but if you would like something similar in silver (or gold) message me (however is easier for you) that you would like this bracelet.

Gold double knit viking knit bracelet

That’s it for today 🙂 I decided to take an extra snow-day (the weather is still not the greatest, it’s icy :() So I’d better find something interesting to do 🙂 Oh and big news! I got a job 😀 Now I’m an office assistant on campus. I start this week 🙂

Have a great Monday! 😀 (if that’s possible that is ;))

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