The Beginning

I have never been interested in writing. Yet here I am starting a blog. Most people will say that I have a normal, boring life. Despite this I want to have a blog. I mostly want to let others know about some of the tricks I have learned doing various crafts. I am a beginner at everything, but I do know basic things many fail to mention. I also hope that this blog will help me bring some more adventure into my life. I have many goals but I could use some motivation at this point. Whatever happens I hope I help you out in some way.

I am a college student trying to get a degree in accounting. Boring I know, but I did warn you :). I am still living with my parents since it is so much cheaper. I am jobless at the moment and broke so visiting my etsy site would be very helpful. I am single and not really looking. I just want to finish college in less than 4 years and do whatever crafts interest me at the moment. I have a Russian/Ukrainian background and live in America all the while hoping to live somewhere in Europe. We’ll see where I end up. I hope it will be an adventure 🙂

That’s enough for now. Eventually I will get started showing the world what I am up to. 😀


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