The Possibility of Disaster

I’m on Pintrest a lot. This causes a lot of problems since I can get distracted very easily. This is why I decided to take up Temari making. This may end in disaster and frustrations, but I will try it anyway 🙂

A Temari is a Japanese ball.Now they are considered art, but in the beginning they were children’s toys. They are basically embroidered spheres. They are filled with whatever you like basically as long as it is a sphere and soft. I forgot to take photos of how to begin one, so I’ll show you guys that later.

It doesn’t look very nice, but it’s my first one and I’m still learning. This is my first unfinished attempt 🙂

My First TemariI’m on vacation so I should be able to get some more posts up, I have a lot planned. The problem is that I keep forgetting to take pictures of the beginnings of my projects. Oh well. I’d better get back to my Temari, practice makes perfect after all.


One comment on “The Possibility of Disaster

  1. […] huh? Some of you may remember something similar from an early post of mine. That was my first attempt at make one of these. They’re called Temari. I think they’re […]

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