Beginner Sushi

This weekend I was shopping at Fubonn with my mom. That might not have been the smartest idea. Because of that shopping trip I began a new obsession.

I taught myself how to make sushi. It may not be the most amazing sushi I have ever had but I am proud of myself 🙂

So here is a sushi making tutorial for beginners by a beginner.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. You need sushi rice, toasted nori, a bowl of water, foil or a sushi mat (the bamboo thing in the pictures), and your fillings. The fillings I used were imitation crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. Later I also made some with carrot. Ignore everything else on the messy table. (We don’t use that table very often so it tends to be a mess :P)

I suggest looking up sushi rice recipes since the more genuine sushi rice has stuff added to it. I think we added rice vinegar and sugar to ours, but like I said look it up. Tip: Use rice vinegar, NOT regular vinegar. It makes a big difference, trust me on this! Slice your fillings up. Its easier to roll it later if all the fillings are long and thin. You can use any length stuff, as I did. Try to keep everything on the thinner and longer side


Step 2: After the rice has cooled down to room temperature you can start rolling your sushi. Grab handfuls of the rice and spread it on the nori. Leave some space at the top, when you finish rolling it you should wet that part down to help it stick to itself. Tip: Keep wetting your hands. The rice is crazy sticky and the water helps to keep the rice off your hands. Trust me you want to do this.

Now lay down your fillings. Try to have an even amount across. Don’t put too much since you don’t want your sushi to be too thick 🙂

How to roll your sushi is a bit hard to explain. There are some great YouTube video’s out there so check them out. It’s really not as hard as you’d think 🙂 I sort of picked up the bottom edge of the mat and started folding it over while squishing the fillings toward me. You can also just use your hands to roll it. Just experiment with it and you will get the hang of it.


Step 3: Lay your rolls onto a plate and admire your handiwork 🙂


Step 4: It’s time to cut your sushi. I cut mine into 8 pieces. Just cut it in half and in half again until you get the size you want. Tip: Wet your knife between each slice. It stops the rice from sticking to the blade and helps you cut easier.

Now lay it out however you want and serve with soy sauce 🙂


I suggest looking up some more tutorials and ideas online. I’m sure there are better explanations out there. I just wanted to share my experience.

I had fun making sushi. Since I have a big bag of sushi rice I will be making more in the future. To be honest I’m a little tired of sushi right now. I went a bit overboard and have been eating sushi for 4 days in a row for lunch and dinner 😛

Have fun (and do it in moderation)! 😀


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