What Have I Been Up To?

Well not writing blog posts obviously 😛 But I do have a decent excuse. I’ve been very busy. Mostly doing school stuff (or worrying about school stuff). I haven’t had much time or motivation to do anything very interesting. I doubt that anyone wants to hear about the homework I’ve been doing or not doing as the case might be (I know it’s bad, but so little motivation!).
This weekend everything changed. I finally had a weekend with no essays to write and only my math homework to procrastinate on :). I didn’t do much crafting but I did make my first custom order for a client on Etsy and I did play around with polymer clay and silicone molds.
I won’t here about my clients opinion about the pendant I made until tomorrow but I can say that I like it. It went more smoothly than most of my resin stuff to be honest. My client wanted a glitter pendant based on the Disney logo colors. I think I accomplished that with the glitter I had on hand.

Custom Order Blue Glitter Heart Pendant

Custom Order Blue Glitter Heart Pendant

I just love saying the word client. I feel so professional :).
With the polymer clay I made little roses that I’m going to use as decoration in some other resin pendants.
I also used the clay to play around with coloring the clay with eyeshadow. I used cheap $0.99 eyeshadow I bought at Walgreen’s and never use. It worked decently I guess. I used it on not yet baked clay. All my colors looked basically the same but that is the reason I never use the eyeshadow so I was expecting that. The biggest problem with using eyeshadow instead of chalk pastels is that it rubs off, not completely but enough to leave your fingers glittery. By the way I just brushed on the eyeshadow with a brush that I had.
I bought some mold putty a few months ago. It’s the putty that comes in two parts and when you mix them together and push an object into it you can make a mold that you can supposedly pour resin into and use it for many other things. I actually tested it this weekend.

Amazing Mold Putty mold

Amazing Mold Putty mold

The molds worked great. Using resin on the other hand did not. It had a lot of bubbles that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. Using polymer clay in the molds worked much better. With polymer clay you just push pieces in then you bake the clay like normal. It’s faster and less trouble I think. The pieces also came out not very clear, almost whitish  matte. It doesn’t look terrible, I just don’t think that’s what I really want.

I also made another pendant this weekend. I really like it.

Resin Rose Pendant

Resin Rose Pendant

I used the roses I made earlier. I think that next time I won’t use translucent clay. The edges are a bit too blurry for my liking.

Now all I have to do is decide if I should put up that pendant for sale or not 🙂 Check out my Etsy Store to see if I decided to put it up 😉


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