Update on Galaxy Shoes

I finally have some time to myself 🙂 What I mean is that I’m on spring break 🙂 So because of this I had some time to make an update to my galaxy shoe tutorial. (Click the link to see the original tutorial). I made myself a pair of galaxy shoes and actually took pictures of the beginning steps 😀

This is my result:


I like the way they turned out. This time when I went to target to get the shoes I found out that they didn’t have white shoes in my size so I got black ones instead. It was a bit more difficult to paint them and I did need more paint because the black seemed to absorb the color more. The shoes turned out great but darker than the other pairs I made.

shoes before they were painted

shoes before they were painted

The last two photos are of how I started painting the shoes. I forgot to take these last time. It is really simple to paint these shoes.


Just continue to add color around the shoes. I added blue next and you just keep spounging it on until you have the effect you want.


Don’t be too hard on yourself while painting them because it may look like they are going to turn out terrible, but adding the white stars makes all the difference.

Since I have free time for the next week I’m hoping to add a few more posts about various projects I want to do. We’ll see how that goes 🙂


One comment on “Update on Galaxy Shoes

  1. […] all over the shoe. I forgot to take a picture of this, of course . Update: I have pictures on my Update to galaxy shoes post. Keep it random and don’t worry that it doesn’t look anything like a galaxy. If you […]

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