First Viking Knit Bracelet

I have a new product to share with all of you. I have dabbled in viking knitting for a few months and I have decided to start offering viking knit jewelry in my Etsy store. This is pretty exciting for me 🙂 I’m unveiling a new item that doesn’t involve resin! Shocking, huh?!

Well here it is, my first viking knit bracelet:

viking knit bracelet

I just love it 😀 It looks so delicate, airy, and light. And it is too, light I mean. It’s too bad I don’t like wearing bracelets. It would look great on one of you guys 😉

I plan on adding in a silver-colored version soon and also some necklaces and possibly some earrings. Eventually I might make a tutorial on how I make these, not for a while though since I do have school. In fact I should be writing a paper and studying for a quiz 😛 Oh well, back to work 🙂

What do you guys think? Is it worth it for me to make more?


5 comments on “First Viking Knit Bracelet

  1. Bear Smack says:

    That is so pretty! If I wore golden things, I would buy it. Is it cloth or chain? It looks in some ways like both.

    • LyubovP says:

      Thank you! It’s wire woven together. It does look a lot like cloth because it is a weaving method 🙂 In the next few days I’m going to add a simple one strand silver version and a two strand gold and purple one to my Etsy shop. You should check back. I may have one that’s perfect for you up soon. I am also willing to make custom colored ones too. I just need the color you would like, the length you need, and time to receive the color wire you’d like (If I don’t have it already) 🙂

      • Bear Smack says:

        OH! It’s wire! If you make a silver one I would for sure be interested in it! It’s fantastic.

      • LyubovP says:

        I’m in the process of posting on etsy a couple more including a silver one. You should check my shop in 15 min or so. If you want I can make a silver version of the one on this post. It’ll take me a day or so since I have to do this after I’m done with homework. Just check back in a day or two for that. If you decide you don’t want it it’s fine. I’ll just post it on Etsy too 😀

  2. Bear Smack says:

    Oh I will definitely check back!

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