DIY Dahlia Wreath

I was planning on getting some home work done today. Instead I ended up making a paper dahlia wreath. Pinterest you really distract me 🙂

DIY Dahlia Wreath

paper dahlia wreath

The pin I found on Pinterest only led me to this photo:

I have absolutely no idea where it came from. (If anyone knows please tell me so I can cite it) Anyway I did some googling, after all this project looks way to easy. I found a tutorial on Love, Pomegranate House. It turns out this flower really is that easy to make. That’s a first for Pinterest 😀


Paper, glue gun, cardboard circle, and scissors.

Step 1: You will need a cardboard circle to glue the petals to. I just took a paper plate and cut out the center.


It doesn’t have to be perfectly circular. You will be adjusting your petals to make it look circular.

Step 2: Find the color paper you want your flower to be. I used regular construction paper I had lying around. I then took the paper and cut in thirds (like you would fold a letter). I then cut the thirds in half to form small rectangles.

construction paperI hope the picture helps to show you what I mean (like my bedspread? That’s where most of my crafting gets done 🙂 ). Sadly the rectangles were a mistake. Tip: Use squares. If you follow my method, just take one of the pieces and square it up. Then use it as a template for the rest. You don’t need them to be perfect, but the squareness does help. Please listen to the tip. It will save you a lot of frustration 🙂

Step 3: Heat up your glue gun! 🙂 Here comes the fun part. Take your squares and form cones out of them. Try to make them the same size. Tip: It also helps if the bottom of the cone, the thin part, is thin. You can see in my photos that the bottoms of mine are different sizes. Believe me, it will help if they are all the same and small. Glue your cones to get them to stay cones. I glued mine at the top overlapping edge, where the cone is widest.

Step 4: Once you have made a huge pile you can start gluing. Tip: I laid the cones out before I started gluing. That way I could eye how circular the wreath is. If it is not perfect, that’s all right. The later layers will help hide it 🙂

That’s the first row done.

The second row helps the flower take shape.

I think that it would help the overall flower if in each row the cones got thinner. I haven’t tried that out, but I will eventually.

Step 5: I made the fourth row cones thinner than the earlier rows. I also bent the ends to make them shorter as I was gluing. That way you don’t have a weird spiky effect. The last row, the center, I made the cones even thinner and cut off some of the end and bent a bit more. That way you can glue it and have it fit with the rest of the flower.

That’s it 😀 I added a piece of wire in the back to hang it up and used a small command hook to put it up. Sorry for the crappy pictures, my phone didn’t want to cooperate 🙂 If I can make it any clearer just let me know 😀

This is a fairly simple project so no one should have too much trouble…. Unless you burn yourselves with glue guns…like I do, hehe. But that’s why Low Temp glue guns exist 🙂

How do your Pinterest projects normally go?

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