New Products Up!

I have a new line of products up on Etsy! I also added a promotion to some of my existing pendants. Read on to see what I’ve done 😀

I decided recently to add-on my polymer clay creations 🙂 Luckily I now have some free time to do this.

I just posted some veggies 🙂

Polymer Clay Pickle, Tomato, and Eggplant

Sadly I couldn’t make the photo’s any better. Which is strange since I used a new fancy camera 😦 They really are cute though, so you guys should check them out 🙂

Also bow ties are cool!

Polymer clay Bow tie

I plan on adding more polymer clay pendants, but first I have to think of what to make 😛

Anyway I also added a FREE item to most of my glitter pendants. They now come with a colored wire necklace, like this:

Midnight Glitter Pendant with Necklace

I just love this pendant 🙂 The wire necklaces are all colored and I tried to match them to the color scheme. You can also, of course, use them with other pendants. I really like the necklaces actually. Most wire necklaces tend to float above my collar-bone and just look strange. This one’s made with thinner wire so it sits well around my neck 😀 I really suggest that you guys check these out 🙂

Does anyone have any requests for my polymer clay pendants? I could use a few more ideas 🙂


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