Procrastination is My Friend

So I have been on summer break since the beginning of May. You’d think that I would have gotten a lot done since them. Written some new posts. Started selling my textbooks. Cleaned my room. Yeeeeaaahh, like that was likely to happen. I admit that procrastination has gotten a strong hold on me 🙂 So I apologize for neglecting you all. I’ll try to limit my procrastination to other things ;D

So it sounds like I’ve been just sitting on the couch the past two weeks watching TV. Well I won’t say that I haven’t done that (almost everyday), but I have accomplished a few things.

I did go to Canon Beach with a large group of my friends 🙂

Canon Beach, OR

It was gorgeous, if a bit chilly but that’s to be expected in Oregon. We had a lot of fun making a bonfire and walking along the beach. I even found my first whole sand-dollar 😀 I normally only find shards :).

I also had a friend date with my bestie and we had amazing waffles for lunch and got caught up 🙂

Waffle Window WaffleThere is a wonderful little restaurant off of Hawthorne in Portland that we just love. All they serve is waffles but they are the most amazing thing you will ever taste. It looks delicious in the photo and it tastes even better. They aren’t that expensive even, and this is coming from someone with no income and hates spending money on food! 😀 This one had marinated mushrooms, basil, bacon, tomatoes, and some sort of cheese. The mushrooms were the best part 🙂 Mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it 😀

I also did accomplish a crafty thing. I’ve had a little end table waiting to be sanded and painted since the fall. I finally finished it 🙂

Mustard colored end tableI would have done a step by step post but half of it was already done before I started this blog and all I did was teach myself to use a power sander (none of the guys were home 😛 ) and then paint it with a foam brush a couple of weekends ago. Please excuse the mess around the table, I really need to clean up (not that it will do anything since my room is too small for how much stuff I have). The color bothers me a little, I forgot that I hate yellow :P. I bought the paint months ago. It was a little sample container I got at Home Depot for pretty cheap. It doesn’t bother me enough to repaint it though 😀 Anyway it’s a better home for my laptop and phone charger than the chair was 🙂

I also threw a great birthday party for myself with the help of some wonderful friends 😀 It helped me realize how loved I really am by the people around me 🙂 I really needed that 🙂 (I’d post a picture but the people who came don’t all know I have a blog and I’d rather not post them without permission)

All in all this was the best birthday I have ever had XD

I may not be doing much so far this summer, but I will. The weather turned bad so my motivation went out the window but I’ll recover 🙂 Tomorrow or the day after I should have a post up on some new resin pieces I’m experimenting with 🙂 See I am doing stuff. So who says that I need to get off the couch? 😀


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