Making Jewels

So I promised to show you guys a new experimental project I’ve been working on. Its been a few weeks since then since I am lacking motivation :/ Better late than never, huh? 🙂

So here we go…. revealing…. my resin jewel pendants!!!

resin jewels

I normally only use resin in bezels, but I decided it was time to experiment with using molds some more. I was also bored so I decided to see what would happen if I added glitter…. and acrylic paint 🙂 I discovered that glitter works great. You do have wait for the resin to get thicker before mixing in the glitter. Otherwise it settles to the bottom (which becomes the top when you pop out the resin from the molds). To make the pink one I just sprinkled some glitter over the top of the mold and let it settle.The acrylic paint made the jewels a bit soft, I think I put in too much. It also isn’t a look I like. I’m talking about the red ones by the way.

The only problem with making this kind of pendant (or one of the problems now that I think about it :P) is that the come out matte. Like the picture below. downloadSee, no shine. To fix this you have to brush on a thin coat of resin. Then they look like the top photo. Tip: Stick the brush you use in rubbing alcohol. Let it sit, then rinse off in water. That way you can reuse the brush (anyway it worked out fine for me) 🙂

The next hurdle to tackle with these is attaching them to a necklace. The plastic things I used to make the molds had a hole running through them but the mold broke there on most of these. So I have some with holes running through all the way, some that have holes that only go halfway, and some with none. I think I’ll buy bails that I can glue on the back at some point. The ones with holes running through are no problem, I just need to attach a jump ring.

The ones with half a hole are a bigger problem. Supposedly we have a dremel somewhere in the garage. The problem is where? 😛 I may never see it…then again maybe I will, things sort of appear in a handy place eventually at my house 🙂 Oh well, we’ll see what I end up doing with them 🙂


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