Friday Faves

So it seems that I totally forgot about Friday Faves last week……oops 😛 I promise I have a good excuse!  A couple of my friends were having a joint costume birthday party last Friday so I was busy freaking out about what to wear 😀 I was a pirate (a very attractive pirate if I do say so myself ;)) Anyway either Saturday or Sunday I’ll show you guys what I gave them as birthday presents. I promise you guys will like them so check back 🙂

The past week has been full to the brim with stuff. Everything from essays, to tests, to ice skating, and just random stuff going on. I’ve barely had a moment to think 😛 Why does everything pile up at the same time? Anyway this weeks Faves are cowl themed! I’ve developed a bit of an obsession cowl scarves 🙂 I’m actually knitting one for myself (I’ll obviously show you guys when I’m done ;)) So here are some of my favorites,


This link has patterns for two different cowls. The one above and the one below 🙂 Both are pretty (and I may need to make both :))


This ones also a link to a pattern 😉


Knitting Pattern / Cowl Shoulder Warmer / Bordeaux / Chunky Oversized


Well here you go 🙂 Now don’t forget that my kickstarter project is still going. Only 13 more days!! I need your help to fill my goal! 😀

Visit me on Facebook here 🙂 And my Kickstarter here 🙂


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