Christmas Penguins

Wow I haven’t posted in a while 😛 I’ve been busy (and lazy), lol. I do have some stuff planned 🙂 I have a total experiment I’m in the process of making, I have a new line of jewelry I want to start making, a couple of knitting projects to show, and hopefully some other things to show you guys (If I have time before starting school).

I thought I’d start off the New Year with a little tutorial on how to make yummy holiday penguins 🙂

Olive Penguins

Cute aren’t they 🙂 And they’re easy to make too 🙂

All you need is jumbo olives, small olives, cream cheese, a carrot, and wooden toothpicks.

Just take a jumbo olive and slice it lengthwise. Don’t slice all the way through, just through one layer of the olive so there’s a pocket (I don’t know how else to describe it). Basically you only want to cut through the belly, but not his back.

Next take a chunk of cream cheese, chilled works best, and stuff it into the slice. Make it look nice in whatever way works 🙂

Now take your carrot and slice a piece off so you have a circle. Cut a small triangle out of the circle. This forms the penguins feet and beak.

Take the carrot triangle and put it into the top of a small olive. On one end of the olive there will be a perfect hole for the piece. Just make it look beak-like 🙂

Now it’s assembly time! 🙂 Take the jumbo olive and line it up on the feet, cream cheese where the slot on the feet is, and line up the small olive on top of that with the beak facing the same way. Take a wooden toothpick and stick it though the middle and through all the layers until you hit the carrot feet. Make sure to go through the carrot feet too or they’ll fall off 🙂

You’re all done! Know you know how to form your own edible penguin army! (mwahahaha) 😉

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Happy New Year!


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