Sneak Peeks and Updates

Amazing how time flies by, isn’t it? I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on. My emotions have been all over the place (it sucks being a girl that sucks at even talking to guys). But things are looking up (or at least I’m caring less :))I know I promised new stuff weeks ago but I just haven’t felt like doing anything specific 😛 But I’m on summer vacation so I think I’m allowed 😉

Anyway, I finally have stuff to share. I finished the octopus I said i was going to make (and I took photos of the process). I just have to finish writing the post 🙂 So stay tuned since that should be up in the next few days.

As for another project I’ve been working on, you guys get to see a sneak peek as an apology for being such a procrastinator 😛


This is my big summer project and you guys will see the end result eventually 🙂

Well I better get to writing the octopus tutorial. Bye guys 🙂

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