Well it sure has been awhile…Sorry about that but between school and work I haven’t had much time to think let alone craft. I’m afraid this is going to continue for a while. Up until I graduate I’ll be taking a ridiculous amount of business classes (probably because I like torturing myself). Summers and breaks may be more free but I am planning on working or having an internship during my time off from school (praying for the internship right now!) But I will try to actually post things! It may be something I made with a tutorial or a link to the pattern. It maybe something that I found cool. It may be an update about life. It may be a random prompt suggested by a random prompt generator simply because I need to write more to develope my skills. But I will try! However the more stressed I am, the less I will likely post (after all coherent thought outside of “GAHH!!! SO MUCH STUFF!!” is hard to form). If you want to see something specific TELL ME! I will try my best! Just give me suggestions 🙂

Thank you my lovely people!

And as always you can:

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