I am a college student working toward an accounting degree. I have big plans for the future, who knows maybe one of these days I’ll be on the covers of business magazines 😉 I plan on traveling as much as I can throughout Europe. Hopefully along the way I will meet wonderful new friends, become closer with the old, and meet the man of my dreams.

I surprisingly have far too much time on my hands so I do many craft projects. I have tried everything from polymer clay, origami, jewelry making, painting, drawing, and more recently resin pendants. I plan on posting my attempts at my projects, even if they don’t turn out as I hoped 🙂 I also have an etsy store. It is called MadeByLyubov, so click on the link. I’d love it if you visited 😀

This is also a blog about my life. I may do posts about what is going on in my life, whether it is struggles or triumphs. I am also a lover of Doctor Who, and many other slightly geeky things. While I do plan on mostly showing my craft, I will also post whatever I feel like and whatever interests me 🙂 So prepare yourselves for posts on topics that make me fan-girl flail (very rarely though 😛 I’ll probably flail more about other things :D)


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