Doubts About Selling On Etsy

I’ve been wanting to expand my Etsy shop. Only I have a problem. Every time I want to put a new listing up with my polymer clay stuff or my vinyl wall decals, I get worried. I start wondering if my stuff is good enough. What if it breaks? Or my customer doesn’t like the quality? Or what if it just won’t sell? I’m having a hard time with my resin pendants as is. Everyone loves them but no one want to buy them. I don’t know what to do. Should I put up my other crafts anyway and hope for the best? When do I know if somethings good enough to sell to others? I thought that I was proud of what I can do, but know I’m just questioning myself. My family keeps asking me if I have sold anything yet. I’ve sold one pendant and it’s been 7 months, and I sold it to a classmate. Should I even keep trying? Advice would be welcome right now. Can anyone help? Please?


2 comments on “Doubts About Selling On Etsy

  1. ampersandxyz says:

    Im no expert on Etsy success but I did open my shop around the same time you did. Have you looked into general SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? There are certain SEO formulas that work best for Etsy and some that work best for Google.

    Also, when selling jewelry (either handmade or vintage) you should take into account that there is a great deal of competition in that category. Hundreds and thousands of shops that specifically sell jewelry. Finding a unique way to stand out is key.

    I believe that when questioning whether or not to add something new to your shop or not, you should always just go for it. Maybe it sells and maybe it doesn’t. But you will get a better idea of how to market yourself int he future.

    Have you spent anytime in Etsy Team Forums? if not, check out (and take part in) Etsy teams such as “Etsy Business Topics” and “Etsy Site Help”. I found them incredibly useful.

    Best of luck!

    • LyubovP says:

      I do take part in the teams. I am trying to participate more. Thank you for commenting 🙂 it really helps. I think I will look into SEO. And I did decide that I will add more. I just was feeling down about everything. Thank you 😀 Any ideas how I can make myself stand out more? 🙂

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